25 Star Wars Heroes and Villains Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

From the Central Core to the Outer Rim, the Star Wars Galaxy is bristling with powerful individuals. Some of them seek to increase their power, ignoring warnings to gain access to forbidden knowledge and attain abilities that some argue should be consigned to the realm of the untouchable. Other individuals find that their power is inherited and bestowed by way of their heritage or ancestry, but cannot gain access to this power until they overcome a challenge within themselves. And some characters spend a considerable amount of time crafting a facade that projects the impression of power -- and from a certain point of view, the suggestion of power may be just as important as power itself. While many different varieties of power may exist among the stars, the fact remains that they all have to share one galaxy.

Between powerful Jedi and nearly unstoppable Sith, there's no shortage of potent sentients in a galaxy far, far away! And as more stories are revealed, even more powerful characters continue to be revealed. While some of these individuals have faced one another in battle, others are destined to never cross paths, creating the necessity for speculation when considering the magnitude of power possessed by any given character. There is no shortage of impressive feats accomplished by these 25 individuals, who are some of the most powerful sentients in the galaxy, but who can credibly claim to be the most powerful individual in the Star Wars universe?

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Doctor Evanzan is sometimes called "the Mutilator of Milvayne," and with good reason: the one-time cosmetic surgeon went insane and began leaving his patients horribly disfigured. In the Holy City on Jedha, where he was seen in Rogue One, he used his unusual skills to create headless servant cyborgs known as the Decraniated.

While Evanzan's ghastly medical experiments have gained him widespread notoriety, he isn't the best fighter. Nowhere is more evident than it is in A New Hope, when he attempts to pick a fight with a farm boy and ends up crossing paths with Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Bossk is a Trandoshan, a reptilian species renown for their alacrity at hunting their prey. Thanks to the proximity of their respective home planets, Trandoshans are the natural enemies of the wookies, and Bossk has gained a reputation for being skilled at hunting the hairy denizens of Kashyyyk.

Bossk's name is known throughout the galaxy and is mentioned by Val in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Decades later, during the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Bossk is one of the bounty hunters Vader hires to bring in the Millennium Falcon, demonstrating just how enduring Bossk's reputation proves to be.


In A New Hope, Chewbacca's longtime life debtor Han Solo warns that upsetting a wookie may result in lost limbs. Few are more qualified to comment on Chewie's physical strength than Solo, who was nearly fatally beaten by the wookie when they first met!

Chewbacca's impressive physical strength and imposing figure are bolstered by his bowcaster, a traditional Kashyyyk weapon packing a powerful punch. Thanks to his extensive experience with the weapon -- from the Clone Wars through the Rebellion and into the Resistance -- he is a particularly good shot, making him a threat to enemies near and far.


Mister Bones was introduced in the Aftermath trilogy of novels. A B1 Battle Droid who was rebuilt from spare parts scavenged by Temmin Wexley, Mister Bones has been modified with additional firepower and murderous programming.

Thanks to his reprogramming, Mister Bones has an array of skills at his disposal, including the fighting style of cyborg General Grievous and the choreographic abilities of a Ryloth dance troupe. Part of the power Mister Bones possesses comes from his nature as a droid: in Poe Dameron #13, Wexley is able to "resurrect" the droid by activating his programming in another droid's body.


The notorious gangster Jabba the Hutt may rarely leave his palace on Tatooine, but he wields power throughout the galaxy nevertheless. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Return of the Jedi, when Jabba doesn't hesitate to prominently display his new favorite palatial decoration, war hero Han Solo.

While Jabba may command power through his guards and influence, there's a reason he remains sequestered on a backwater planet like Tatooine: he isn't much in a fight. Jabba meets his ultimate fate thanks to an inversion of the chains he used in an attempt to exert his power over the imprisoned Leia.


During his time as a member of the Galactic Senate during the Clone Wars, Senator Organa witnessed the collapse of the Old Republic up close. While Bail actively worked against the Emperor's agenda, he maintained a facade of loyalty to Palpatine until being destroyed by the Death Star along with the rest of Alderaan, the planet he ruled.

What makes Bail's power remarkable is the persistence of his hope for a better galaxy. As the Empire's control grew between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Bail nurtured the nascent rebellion, making the destruction of the Death Star possible.


During the Clone Wars, the Republic attempted to assist local cells in fighting back the Separatists by offering combat training to their leaders and troops. On Onderon, clone Captain Rex taught Saw Guerra how to resist invading droid forces.

Years later, in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Ghosts of Geonosis," Kanan Jarrus and the crew of the Ghost encounter Saw during a rescue operation in the tunnels of Geonosis. While Saw's ability to survive speaks to his power in and of itself, the unforgiving tactics Saw employs leads the Rebels to balk at his unflinching methods and question whether the cost of certain types of power is worthwhile.

18 0-0-0 AND BT-1

One hundred years before A New Hope, the Triple Zero personality matrix was banished to Quarantine World III, an abandoned asteroid. In Darth Vader #3 (2015), Darth Vader enlists the assistance of Doctor Aphra to retrieve and reactive 000, who in turn activates BT-1.

While this protocol and astromech pair may call to mind a certain more famous droid duo, Triple Zero and Beetee are not to be trifled with. Extreme modification has left both heavily armed, and they continue their adventures in the pages of Doctor Aphra with what may be an unparalleled lust for violence against organics.


When he was a small child, Maul was taken from his home on Dathomir by Palpatine, who recognized the potential the boy had to become extremely powerful in the Force. After extensive training that instilled a deep hatred of the Jedi, Maul faced Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace.

While Maul was defeated in that battle, his demise was greatly exaggerated. After being rescued from madness by his brother, Maul rises to become head of the infamous Black Sun criminal organization.


Leia is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala and adopted heir to the Alderaanian throne. In addition to her unparalleled diplomatic skills, Leia's persistence in achieving her goals despite the greatest of deterrents reveals the extent of her strength.

Over the course of the Star Wars series, Leia has weathered terrible losses, including her lover, her son, and even her home planet. Nevertheless, she endures, offering invaluable inspiration to the oppressed and the hope they need to keep up the good fight.


Asajj Ventress was abducted from her home planet of Dathomir by a criminal but was rescued by a Jedi. After her master was defeated in battle, she became an apprentice to the Sith Lord Count Dooku, but he later betrayed her and she joined the Nightsisters.

Asajj's varied experience is what gives her exceptional power. While those skilled in the Force already possess unusual power, few are trained in more than one discipline. Thanks to her training in so many diverse philosophies of Force manipulation, Asajj can draw upon a multitude of techniques to accomplish her goals.

14 R2-D2

From The Phantom Menace to The Last Jedi, R2-D2 has been there to watch the hero's back every step of the way. In nearly every entanglement that he takes part in, R2 plays a key role, and his intervention frequently makes the difference between certain success and certain doom.

While some might be dismissive of the power possessed by the diminutive astromech droid, the course of galactic history would have flown quite differently if not for R2's deft and repeated assistance to the Skywalker family.


Qui-Gon Jinn differentiated himself from other Jedi through his study of the Living Force. His discoveries led to abilities that had never been achieved by other Jedi, including the ability to communicate with the living after becoming one with the Force.

In the Clone Wars episode "Voices," Qui-Gon speaks to Yoda from beyond the grave. The late Jedi proceeds to pass along the secret of manifesting after joining the Force to Yoda and Obi-Wan, affording them the ability to complete Luke's training, a key element in the outcome of the galactic struggle against Palpatine.


The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise is recounted by Palpatine in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Plagueis had gained such a great degree of power over the Dark Side of the Force that he was able to manipulate midi-chlorians to create and sustain life.

What Palpatine doesn't mention is that he was the Sith apprentice to Plagueis. When Palpatine had learned all he needed from Plagueis, he assassinated his master and took his place as the Galaxy's supreme Sith Lord.


Ezra began his training in the Force under Kanan Jarrus, who had not completed his Jedi training himself when Order 66 was executed. While Ezra learned much from his master, he also possesses Force skills unusual for a Jedi, such as his ability to communicate with animals and the knowledge he learned from one-time Sith Lord Maul.

In one example of Ezra's abilities, he was able to open a Sith Holocron, a feat impossible for those who entirely eschew the use of the Dark Side.


When the Jedi Anakin Skywalker was defeated in battle by Obi-Wan on Mustafar, he was retrieved by Palpatine and revived as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Horribly disfigured and unable to survive without the life support systems built into his armor, Vader's reliance on mechanical apparatus for survival only adds to his power, bolstering his towering reputation as an inhuman monster.

After hunting down Jedi who survived the Order 66 purge, Vader became a living, heavily-breathing symbol of the Emperor's unparalleled power, casting an enduring shadow across the galaxy.


Encountering his former Padawan for the first time since their battle on Mustafar, Obi-Wan states that if he will become unimaginably powerful if Vader strikes him down. Vader proceeds to strike anyhow, and Obi-Wan becomes one with the Living Force.

Obi-Wan's warning to Vader proves accurate. Becoming one with the Force allows Obi-Wan to manifest at multiple key points in Luke's journey to defeat the Emperor, ultimately leading to the fall of the Empire. In attempting to curtail Obi-Wan's influence, Vader only increased its potency.


On the remote planet of Atollan, the Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus encountered an ancient and massive lifeform who called himself Bendu. While Bendu acknowledges that the Force possesses a Dark and Light side, he identifies his alignment as the point in the middle (from which he takes his name).

Bendu proves to possess knowledge and abilities unknown to either the Sith and Jedi, and it is this arcane knowledge that affords him his power. In one example, he assists Kanan in gaining a suitable replacement for his lost sight, a feat that could not be accomplished with Jedi teaching.


Darth Bane was an ancient Sith Lord who lived thousands of years before the events of the Skywalker saga. The lone survivor of a bloody battle between the Jedi and Sith, Bane is credited with crafting the Sith Rule of Two.

According to the Sith Rule of Two, at any given time, there can only be two Sith in the galaxy: a master and an apprentice. This guiding principal allowed the Sith lineage to survive through the generations, until it was ended by Vader's betrayal of his master in Return of the Jedi, during the Battle of Endor.


The son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, Luke was integral in defeating Emperor Palpatine and toppling the Galactic Empire. After traveling the galaxy to learn more about the Force, Luke began teaching Force-sensitive individuals the ways of the Jedi, but he ultimately exiled himself to the planet of Ach-To when that endeavor ended in disaster.

During The Last Jedi, Luke ends his self-imposed exile with a Force-powered astral projection to Crait, distracting Kylo Ren during a key moment of the battle between the First Order and the Resistance.


After being sold into servitude as a child, Rey lived alone on the desert planet of Jakku. In addition to developing the survival skills necessary to survive in such an environment, Rey demonstrates a natural ability to use the Force.

Over the course of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Rey's abilities continue to grow more potent, and she liberated the ancient tomes on the Jedi from the temple on Ach-To, suggesting the power of the talented self-appointed Jedi will only continue to accumulate.


Mother Talzin was a leader of the clan of Nightsister witches residing on the planet Dathomir. Talzin possesses a number of unparalleled powers, including the ability to call forth matter out of apparent nothingness and the resurrection of her fallen sister.

In addition to possessing a great deal of power herself, Mother Talzin is remarkable in her ability to bolster the powers of others. In one notable instance, she performs a ritual that exponentially increases the strength of Savage Opress, making him a far more formidable enemy than he might have otherwise proved to have been.


The wizened Jedi Master trained young Force users for over eight hundred years, and his wisdom is held in extremely high esteem by many across the galaxy. Yoda played a key role in training most of the Jedi familiar to Star Wars fans, including Luke, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka Tano.

Yoda's influence over future generations continues even after he has become one with the Living Force, thanks in part to the teachings passed on by Qui-Gon Jinn, which allow him to manifest and share his wisdom long after he passed on.


The Sith Lord Darth Sidious managed to keep his identity secret for almost the entirety of the Clone Wars, and by the time the Jedi began to suspect his true nature, it was already too far along in his machinations to thwart his takeover.

As though orchestrating a decades-long galactic conquest isn't powerful enough, Palpatine is also extremely dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. With the ability to generate lightning from his fingertips, Palpatine is even able to best Jedi Master Mace Windu in battle.


Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka encounter the trio of entities known as "the Ones" while responding to an ancient Jedi distress signal from the planet Mortis. This ancient beings have unparalleled knowledge of the Force, and are able to perform feats unfathomable even to the most experienced Jedi.

Ultimately, the Jedi spend several days in the company of the Ones, but when they leave, the experience seems to have lasted only a few moments -- yet another example of the unparalleled power possessed by these ancient Force-wielders.

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