20 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve A Movie More Than Han Solo

When Disney announced that Star Wars would be getting a series of anthology movies, fans didn’t know what to think. There was caution mixed with optimism, though, when Rogue One came out -- the movie was filled with cool new characters and adventures while still contributing to the existing Star Wars mythology. Would all these standalone movies be so cool? Well no, not really. The next one was Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was a movie plagued from the beginning. The original directors were fired for making a film that Disney’s corporate vision disagreed with, so they brought in Ron Howard to salvage the movie.

The result? A movie that was strictly okay. It wasn’t as terrible as the doomsayers thought it would be, but it’s far from a great movie -- it’s basically a space western (think Firefly) with a Star Wars skin. And audiences reacted accordingly, as the opening weekend box office ended up being pretty disappointing. We can’t help but think that if they were going to make a Star Wars movie focusing on a single character, there were plenty of better options. After all, Han already had a complete character arc, so why not give some of these other characters their own chance to shine?

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There are typically two basic ingredients to Star Wars characters that we want to get a solo movie. First, they must be a compelling character in the first place (usually due to a very charismatic performer). Second, there must be some cool story waiting to happen -- an unexplored aspect of their lives that a movie could really flesh out. Arguably, the best candidate for this is Obi-Wan Kenobi. And to stoke the fires of fan hopes everywhere, prequel Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor has expressed interest in returning to the role, helping to further flesh out the character journey he started back in The Phantom Menace.

So, what would his solo movie be about? On the most basic level, it would have to explore the gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Obi-Wan was helping to watch over and protect Luke Skywalker for nearly two decades. Luke thinks Tatooine is deathly boring, but what if that’s Obi-Wan’s fault? What if Obi-Wan was off having amazing adventures fighting the Empire as well as mercenaries and smugglers, all to guard the secret of Skywalker’s existence? Throw in getting to see a live-action version of the Obi-Wan/Darth Maul rematch from Rebels and you’ve got solid gold!


Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

On one hand, we can sympathize with people who think we don’t need a solo Luke Skywalker movie. After all, he’s been the main focus of five different movies, so wouldn’t it make sense to let the character go? On the other hand, Luke has been the main character because he is so compelling, and the truth is that there are several periods in Luke’s life that we only know a little about. This means there’s a lot of potential for new adventures. Let’s start with the end of Empire Strikes Back, shall we?

By the end of that movie, Luke has lost his hand, his lightsaber, and most of his self-confidence. When we see him in Return of the Jedi, he’s a new man with a new lightsaber, new skills, and new confidence. What happened to help transform Luke? Alternately, we’d like to see a post-Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker movie. What was it like finding and training recruits? And what was it like training Ben Solo before he was corrupted? Such a movie could help give extra dimension and flesh to the modern trilogy while enhancing what we know about everyone’s favorite Jedi. And we can only hope for cameos by sarcastic ghost Yoda as well!


Why does Lando Calrissian need his own movie? Maybe just to write Donald Glover’s name over and over again. In all seriousness, his portrayal of Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story really helps sell the idea that we need more Lando stories. Glover basically makes us more interested in the character with every scene, and were left with questions: how did Lando end up in the smuggling life? Why did he leave it? Why did he bond so hard with a droid when so many people hate them? And just how long has he been cheating at cards?

What would a Lando Calrissian solo movie focus on? There are actually several options. The first would be to show us one of the tales that he was talking about in his "Calrissian Chronicles" -- which would be extra “meta” because one story was adapted from a previous Lando novel. Of course, we would like to see more of Lando’s adventures with young Han to answer questions like "What was the Battle of Tanaab, and why did it convince the Rebels to later make Lando a general?", and "How did Lando find and develop Cloud City?" He basically goes from saying he hates mining planets in Solo and then becomes a Tibanna gas miner, so we can only assume there is a story there.


Disney has broken many fans’ hearts for many different reasons sine they bought Star Wars. However, the most upsetting decision was to get rid of the Expanded Universe of comics, novels, and games. These stories previously contributed to the canon of Star Wars, but they were wiped away in favor of a new canon. However, creators of the new series and movies keep bringing in EU characters and events to make them canonical again, which means that we could one day, maybe, get the Mara Jade movie that fans have been dying for.

Mara Jade was a fan favorite character created by Timothy Zahn. She was a Force-sensitive agent of the Emperor who found redemption (and even love) with Luke Skywalker years after Palpatine’s death. Her solo movie practically writes itself, as we’d love to see what her early years were like. How did she first discover she was Force-sensitive? And how did Palpatine discover that? What was her own training like, and what were her secret missions about? In a perfect world, a Mara Jade solo movie would be like a fem-flavored James Bond tale set within the Star Wars universe. Best of all, the fan audience for this character and her possible eventual movie is already huge.


Grand Admiral Thrawn is a bit like Mara Jade. Well, they share the same creator, Timothy Zahn, at least. But while Mara and Thrawn both work for the Empire, Thrawn has quite a few differences -- he is a blue-skinned alien (a Chiss) with red eyes who rose to the rank of Grand Admiral. He was established early on in the Expanded Universe, and was initially removed from the EU along with everyone else. However, new canonical novels brought the character back, as did his many appearances on the TV show Star Wars Rebels.

What would we like to see in a Thrawn movie? To a large degree, that was decided by Star Wars Rebels, as the way the cartoon explained Thrawn’s absence in the OT was to have the character and his Star Destroyer forcibly dragged into hyperspace by both some alien creatures and a young Jedi Ezra Bridger (more on him later). We’d love to see what happens next. Does Thrawn drive Ezra away or kill him? Does he expand the Empire into the Unknown Regions (like he did in the EU), possibly encountering Snoke? Long story not so short, Thrawn was probably the best EU character addition, and we want a live-action movie so bad we can taste it.


Kyle Katarn’s name is a bit of deep cut in Star Wars lore, and he might be truly unknown to younger fans. This is a character that starred in a popular series of Star Wars games, including Dark Forces, Dark Forces II, and Jedi Outcast. His character is a bit like if you mashed up Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, as he starts out as a Rebellion-sympathetic smuggler, but eventually discovers he is Force-sensitive and gets caught up in a larger world of Light Side vs. Dark Side. All of this means there’s a lot of storytelling potential for a movie!

There are two basic possibilities for a Kyle Katarn movie. The first would be an adaptation of the Dark Forces game. While part of that plot has already been done in Rogue One (the game focused on Katarn acquiring the Death Star plans for the Rebels), we could easily see him getting plans on the Death Trooper armor (the scary Imperial breakthrough technology he fights in the game). Alternatively, we’d like a movie that focuses on his training as a Jedi and how he must now shift from one lifestyle to a completely different one. Either way, we’re also hoping to get a new game.


Ezra Bridger Crossguard Lightsaber on Malachar in Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Ep 21

In a lot of ways, Ezra Bridger’s days were numbered. He was the young man trained in the ways of the Force by Kanan Jarrus in the Star Wars Rebels series. That series is an immediate predecessor to A New Hope, and considering that there were not extra Jedi running around in the OT, we knew something must happened to them, and it did. Kanan ended up dying saving his friends, and Ezra gets sucked into hyperspace to an unknown destination along with Grand Admiral Thrawn. A movie, then, would hopefully focus on what comes next.

We would love a cat and mouse movie where Ezra fights off Thrawn and Thrawn’s army of troopers. And even if that’s a short fight, there’s a lot of potential in a movie focusing on Ezra’s adventures in the unknown areas of space. It could be like an interesting mashup of Star Wars and Star Trek as Ezra struggles to maintain his Jedi philosophies while encountering new civilizations and cultures. And as we’ve seen Ezra previously tempted by the Dark Side, it would be great to see him placed in peril and forced to choose between survival and corruption and with no allies to draw on.



Wedge Antilles is one of the most important characters in the Rebel Alliance. Nonetheless, many casual fans don’t know who he even is. We’ll put it this way, he’s the only man that has two Death Stars painted on his X-Wing. Aside from Luke, Han, and Chewie, Wedge was the only other survivor from the attack on the first Death Star. And he was the X-Wing pilot that made it inside the second Death Star and helped Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb to destroy it. When it comes to X-Wing pilots, he’s the very best.

What would we like to see from a solo Wedge Antilles movie? It would be possible to adapt some of the successful EU stories, as Wedge was the central character in the X-Wing and Wraith Squadron books as well as the X-Wing comics. However, what we’d really like to see is a Wedge movie set after Return of the Jedi that shows Wedge and Rogue Squadron helping to clean up what’s left of the Empire. On top of that, it would be interesting to see how the Rebellion becomes a New Republic, especially while characters like Luke Skywalker are off doing their own very different things.



Mace Windu was one of the most surprising Jedi in the prequels. First, there was the casting, as Samuel L. Jackson is known for his profanity and his intensity in movies such as Pulp Fiction, so it was tough to imagine him as a super serene Jedi Master. Second, while he was mostly Light Side (he was, after all, BFFs with Yoda), we saw that Mace Windu wasn’t afraid to try to summarily execute Palpatine in the name of the greater good. Someone so intense and with some surprisingly flexible morals would make for a great solo movie.

What would we like to see out of a solo Mace Windu movie? Honestly, it would be pretty interesting for Mace to get the Solo treatment with a film focusing on his younger, wilder days before he settles down on the path towards being a Jedi Master. However, the more interesting movie is one that Samuel L. Jackson would like to see as well. The actor has argued before that Mace Windu could have survived the fall in Revenge of the Sith. Just imagine a powerful Jedi fixer wandering the galaxy and secretly disrupting Imperial plans and you’d have something amazing on your hands.


While it was sometimes divisive among fans, one of the things that both Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels did very well was to expand on some of the ideas only hinted at in the original movies. For instance, Boba Fett’s Mandalorian heritage is only a passing detail in the OT, but these shows helped expand upon Mandalore as a place as well as Mandalorian culture. One of the best ways they pulled this off was to give us characters like Sabine Wren, who had to wrestle with their Mandalorian family and obligations as well as their other loyalties.

This is all part of why we’d like to see a Sabine Wren solo movie. First of all, it would be cool to see more Mandalorian armor and culture on the big screen. Plus, Sabine has a bit of a built-in story, as the end of Star Wars Rebels showed a flash forward several years, and Sabine (along with characters like Hera) were determined to find Ezra. We think that her adventures would not only make for a great solo movie, but might open the door to a series of movies. As with The Force Awakens, she could find Ezra at the very end of the film.


Part of why fans objected to a Han Solo movie was that there wasn’t much story left to tell. Fans already knew much of his background (his life as a smuggler, his winning the Falcon, his making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, and so on), so a film was always going to feel like a paint by numbers narrative where we touch on these major events. However, a Princess Leia solo movie would be great because she apparently had an awesome life before A New Hope that we know very little about.

And before you start, we know there are novels and books expanding on Leia’s early life, but that’s no substitute for seeing it on the big screen. Just think about it, Leia spent her teenage years and young adult years living a double life. She had to play the perfect princess in public and then run spy missions for the Rebels in secret. What was this like? What early experiences did she have with the Empire? And what allies did she have (this would be a great excuse to make Winter from the EU canonical once again)? And on a more somber note, such a movie would be a great way to honor the memory of Carrie Fisher.



In some ways, there is no character more instrumental to the Rebellion than Mon Mothma. The movies primarily focus on characters that are on critical missions or fighting on the frontlines. However, Mon Mothma is the character who has actually organized all of these different Rebel cells and helps them fight as a unified force. And despite appearing in three different movies, there is still much we do not know about Mon Mothma. That’s why we’d love to see her in her own solo movie, which would probably be a very different kind of Star Wars film.

Specifically, we’d like to see a film set a few years before A New Hope that focuses on how Mon Mothma began organizing the Rebellion. Thanks to shows like Rebels, we’ve seen different Rebels fighting small skirmishes in this time period. But what was Rebel leadership doing during this time? And how did Mon Mothma manage to organize everyone right under the Empire’s nose without getting caught? It seems like she is one part spy, one part politician, and one part warrior. Why not have a solo movie that focuses on the many different parts of this most central Rebel character?



Count Dooku was one of the highlights of the Star Wars prequels. This was partly due to the amazing performance by the late, great Christopher Lee. And between Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and the various Clone Wars episodes, we got to see quite a bit of this character. Nonetheless, there is much about his background, motivation, and loyalty that remains unknown to Star Wars fans. All of this means that there is a lot of material for a solo Dooku movie to dive into!

For instance, one interesting facet of Dooku’s character is that he is part of The Lost Twenty (also known as The Lost). These are Jedi that left the Jedi order because they didn’t like the direction it was going or because of other ideological differences. We’d love a solo movie that showed how and why Dooku left the order as well as how and why he was recruited by Palpatine. Finally, we’d like to know if he was planning to eventually stop Palpatine -- why else did he start spilling the beans about Sith influence to Obi-Wan back in Attack of the Clones? There’s plenty to learn about Dooku, and we’d be first in line to buy movie tickets.



On paper, Poe Dameron is part of the new trinity of main characters in the new trilogy of Star Wars movies. Just as the Original Trilogy revolved primarily around Luke, Leia, and Han, the new trilogy revolves around Finn, Rey, and Poe. However, Poe has really gotten short shrift compared to his comrades -- he is barely in Force Awakens (in fact, he was meant to die in the original script), and in The Last Jedi, he gets the least plot development (all of which revolves around him being a paranoid weirdo who doesn’t understand the chain of command).

We still think Poe needs his own movie, though. Part of it is simply because we find Oscar Isaac incredibly charming, and a solo movie would let him really flex his acting chops. The other part of it is that there is a lot of story left to tell -- how did Poe develop such a close relationship with Leia? How did he join the Resistance? What background does he come from? A solo movie would help fill all of this in while giving the actor a chance to shine, and we’re totally down for this idea! Plus, we’d get a lot more BB-8, and that’s always a good thing.


Why two in one entry? Well, we didn’t have it in our hearts to break up the galaxy far, far away’s absolute best bromance. Chirrut and Baz were one of the real highlights of Rogue One -- they were both great warriors despite having insanely different fighting styles and personalities. They also operated by a kind of code, having previously guarded the Jedi Temple on Jedha before the Empire took over entirely. This means that the characters have tons of back story that we really need to see explored.

We’d love to know, for instance, how the two characters met. Similarly, we’d like to know how they ended up working with the Jedi temple. While the Force-attuned Chirrut Imwe seems a natural fit for such an environment, it’s tough to see why the gun-toting Baz would sign up for such a job. A natural setting for their movie would be one that showcased the rise and fall of the Jedi temple on the planet Jedha -- how did they try to fight this invasion and occupation? What was it that broke their spirits and made them cave in to the Imperials? While this idea is great, we’d take any movie starring Star Wars secret power couple.


The name “Quinlan Vos” may not ring a lot of bells unless you’re immersed in the Star Wars EU (either old or new, as he pops up in both). He was the Jedi Master to Aayla Secura (everyone’s favorite blue Twi’lek) and was basically a maverick Jedi -- he loved to flout the rules and do his own thing whenever possible. His typical missions enhanced this attitude, as he usually worked in the fringes to infiltrate different groups within various criminal undergrounds. Most intriguingly, he was one of the few Jedi who managed to survive both the Purge initiated by the Clone Troopers and Darth Vader’s personal mission to hunt down Jedi survivors.

This is another solo movie concept that practically writes itself. It would be great to see a movie focusing on how Quinlas Vos survived the Purge and how he managed to stay one step ahead of Vader. In addition to covering a period of time that we don’t normally see (the time right after Revenge of the Sith), it would also let us see more of Vader in his prime as he works to shape the Empire into what it would come to be. Plus, as Vos goes further to the galactic edges, we could see a side of Star Wars we’ve never seen before!


In the ongoing story of Star Wars, Yoda remains something of a paradox. He has been a pivotal part of the Original Trilogy, all of the prequels, and even made a fun cameo in The Last Jedi. It wouldn’t be stretching it to say he is one of the most important characters in all of Star Wars. Despite this (and the many comics and episodes focusing on the character), we still don’t know a lot about who Yoda is, meaning means there is a lot for a solo movie to explore.

There really are countless options when it comes to a solo Yoda film. As he liked to remind Luke Skywalker, this little Jedi is actually 900 years old. It would be fun, then, to have a movie with a young, Padawan Yoda. Not only could we see how Yoda develops his prowess and confidence, but it would give us a glimpse of The Old Republic at its very height. Alternately, it might be fun to get a film about Yoda’s flight to Dagobah -- exactly how did he elude capture? How did he get to the planet with no one knowing about it? Aside from training Luke, this was basically Yoda’s last adventure, and we want to see it.


Darth Revan is one of the most popular Star Wars EU characters ever created. However, if you don’t play Star Wars video games, the name means very little to you. In a nutshell, Revan was a gifted Jedi who led a bunch of renegade Jedi to fight the Mandalorians in the time of the Old Republic. He discovered an ancient device called The Star Forge that helped him create a huge fleet of ships -- he returned as a Sith master to fight the Jedi, but he was then captured and basically brainwashed by the Jedi to keep his evil side from resurfacing.

This is where the first Knights of the Old Republic game starts. You play as Revan (though you don’t know it at first), and it’s up to you whether you redeem yourself or go evil. We would love a solo movie (or better yet, a trilogy of movies) focusing on this unique character. It would be cool to see the rise and fall of a Jedi as well as a time period that has been untouched by any of the major movies. And with any luck, we could get another great video game because of the movie’s popularity.


Most of this list is basically a “wish list.” We are fantasizing about the characters that don’t have a solo movie yet who desperately deserve one. Boba Fett would be at the top of the list, but interestingly enough, a Boba Fett solo movie has recently been announced! We do not yet know what it will be about or what period of the character’s life it will showcase, but we’re happy to speculate on what we are just dying to see, and it all starts with the idea of a Boba Fett origin story.

Clone Wars viewers have seen some of young Boba’s misadventures with other bounty hunters, but we don’t have much info about his early years going solo. This would be a natural fit for a movie to focus on, as we watch Boba Fett perfect his craft and establish his killer reputation. Alternately, we’d love to see a movie showing Boba Fett escaping the Sarlaac Pit and what he does with his life and career right afterwards. Considering one of his main employers, the Empire, would be in shambles, Fett would have to reinvent his career, which is the kind of stuff that great movies are made of.


This one was inevitable, right? We would absolutely kill to get a solo Darth Vader movie. This is where the sarcastic folks out there will point out that we already have both an Original Trilogy and a Prequel Trilogy that are about Darth Vader. Our answer? Not really -- seeing the whiny kid that Vader used to be is not the same as seeing Vader in all of his awesomeness. And while he was fully awesome in the Original Trilogy, he was basically a background villain in the story of Luke Skywalker’s life.

That’s why we’d like a movie that focuses entirely on a post-Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader. There are a few concepts that would be fun, but the one that makes the most sense is to focus on Vader hunting down surviving Jedi. It’s one idea that gives us a little of it all. We would get plenty of Vader being scary and awesome via lightsaber duels, while also getting some noteworthy Jedi cameos. Finally, we’d get to see Darth Vader establish his reputation: how did he go from being Palpatine’s mysterious henchman to being feared throughout the entire galaxy? Not even a Force Choke could keep us from pre-ordering our tickets.

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