Star Wars: 10 Characters That Deserve Their Own Marvel Comic Series

Star Wars comics are continuing to flourish under the steady hand of Marvel. They are forever deepening the universe and fleshing out characters that we've come to love from the books, animated series and of course, the main films.

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Throughout the Star Wars galaxy, there are countless characters we would love to see return in some way. The comics offer an opportunity for in-canon stories to be told about some of these great heroes and villains. Marvel is always changing up the comics that they offer and so we're taking a look at 10 characters that deserve a Marvel title!


It's fair to say that we're all a little curious about what's next for the former Jedi Padawan. She's gone on quite a journey over the years but is now seemingly stolen from time and put into a new place that she has no real experiences with.

It would be really interesting to see how Ashoka deals with modern times now that she has finally put the past behind her. She clearly doesn't join up with the resistance as we would see her in the films, so what has she been up to? A comic series could answer these questions.


The bounty hunter has been a constant fascination for Star Wars fans. Despite being used sparingly in the main films he has built up a fan base almost unlike any other character in this universe. Audiences constantly want more of this man in Mandalorian armor.

There's always rumors of films and TV series but the best way to continue exploring the Boba Fett story would be through comics. They could flashback to his Clone Wars days, continuing to flesh out that story, while looking ahead to his survival, perhaps after the events of Tatooine.


The Mandalorian is going to be introduced to audiences on Disney Plus later this year. It seems natural that Marvel and Lucasfilm would want to capitalize on the impending popularity of the character, by producing a comic series about him.

If the TV show is successful this would be a way that audiences can continue to follow the story and the character, before a season 2 has hit Disney Plus. This would be a great way to get people to start reading the comics and allow for the character to be developed further.

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Chewie is one of Star Wars' best-loved characters. He's inseparable from Han Solo but that doesn't mean he hasn't had many individual missions of his own. Whether it's freeing Kashyyyk or before he even met Solo, there's a lot of stories to tell.

A Chewbacca comic would simply be a lot of fun. It would work well in this format as obviously Chewbacca isn't going to produce a lot of dialogue. If you remove his translator, a film or series about him wouldn't be very interesting. A comic, on the other hand, could portray his inner thoughts as well.


Finn has been a heavy feature of the sequel trilogy and has appeared in some comics, with a one-shot of his own. However much like Poe, Finn could benefit from having his very own comic series focusing on the events during the resistance.

We've already seen a lot of his past as a member of the First Order so a time jumps to around the time of the films could be a really cool way to fill that gap. Failing that, we can continue to explore Finn's journey through the comics after the final film in the trilogy.


Count Dooku has been explored in the films, books, comics and in the animated series. But there's an area of his life that hasn't been touched upon enough and that's his younger days. It would be incredible to step back in time to watch a young Dooku grow.

We could see his slow turn to the dark side, his younger temptation to the ways of the Sith and ultimately how he ended up in the political and powerful position we find him in during the films. We know what he's like as a Sith lord but what else did he do before this?

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Temmin Wexley has been featured throughout Star Wars history without anyone realizing it. He's featured heavily in a trilogy of novels, he's appeared in Poe comics and has actually been seen in the modern trilogy of films.

It's about time that this unsung hero has the spotlight well and truly put onto him and we find out a little more about his piloting adventures. This might be the first time we look into the far future and watch an older Wexley train a new generation of pilots.


Dengar is a different kind of character. Compared to others on this list, he's not that popular. While nearly all the other individuals here would be the kind of character fans would flock to for a comic, this bounty hunter is a little different.

The character has a rich history though and a lot of stories to tell. It would be the kind of comic series that would highlight how great Dengar is to read and would actually garner some fans for him. He's such a scumbag and so despicable that he could actually be a lot of fun to read about.


Maz is another character that isn't universally loved, although is certainly worthy of a comic series. Even more so than Finn, Maz has been on the sidelines for far too long and there should be more of a focus on the many adventures she has had in her lifetime.

One story that should be fleshed out is the creation of Maz's castle. This area has been a neutral zone for quite a while. That takes years of planning and execution and provides a lot of opportunities to highlight unique parts of that journey. It takes a lot to earn that kind of reputation and respect in the galaxy.


One of the greatest and well-respected clone warriors in the history of Star Wars; Captain Rex is a soldier and a hero. The animated series has filled in a lot of the gaps that were present as well as answering a lot of questions.

Fans have spotted Captain Rex in the battle of Endor and this raises a lot of new questions though. It would be great to know how he got into that role, what happened to him after and whether he still serves the resistance. A comic series could fill in those details for us.

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