Star Wars' Cassian Andor Series Is What We Need to Get Over Solo


Earlier this week came a flurry of news surrounding Disney's upcoming premium streaming service, due to launch sometime next year and called Disney+. Among the announcements regarding the platform and its original programming was the surprise news that Lucasfilm was developing a second live-action series for the service, including the currently filming The Mandalorian, focused on Cassian Andor sometime before the events of 2016's Star Wars: Rogue One.

Portrayed by Diego Luna, the Rebel Alliance covert operative was an immediate fan-favorite character in the first Star Wars anthology film though, like all the main characters of the film, reaches a pretty definitive end by the movie's climax. A prequel series, fortunately, opens a lot of interesting opportunities for the character and, perhaps more importantly, gives a larger, more expansive story to a scoundrel-esque character that doesn't come with anywhere near the level of fan expectation and established baggage as this year's Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Just like its titular smuggler, Solo was released into theaters with the odds stacked pretty heavily against it. A publicly troubled production history, being released just five months since Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the generally high level of fan expectation associated with Star Wars worked to create an uphill battle for a film focused on one of the franchise's most beloved characters with a new actor following in the footsteps of Harrison Ford's iconic performance.

That's a lot of undue pressure, and while the film was positively received overall, it still performed well below Lucasfilm's expectations at the box office when it was released this past May. With plans for at least two additional sequels following the adventures of a young Han Solo presumably canceled, a Cassian Andor prequel series could fill that scoundrel-shaped void in the Star Wars Universe in many ways, including taking risks that Solo sequels never could.

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