Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Teased In New Trailer

The September Blu-ray release of the entire Star Wars saga is upon us. Be excited. In addition to getting all six movies in high definition, those who purchase the mega-box set containing the entire saga -- as opposed to just one of the two trilogies -- will also receive three bonus discs gathering together more than 40 hours of bonus content.

For most longtime fans of the series, the major highlight in this material is the deleted footage. There's stuff in there that's never seen the light of day, things that have been rumored or simply spoken of in whispers. A scattered assortment of unused footage from the original three films has made its way into outsider hands over the years, but this is the definitive collection.

Get a taste of the deleted footage right now in a newly released trailer. Sit down and prepare to freeze frames though if you're a serious fan ... lots to fixate on here.



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