Star Wars: Bib Fortuna Actor Trolled Greedo Actor Over 'Maclunkey'

The Han-Shot-First Star Wars scene has once again been modified from its original version for Disney+, and the cast of the film is having a great time with it.

In an interview with EmpirePaul Blake, the actor who played Greedo in A New Hope, explained that  Mike Carter, who played Jabba's Twi'lek secretary Bib Fortuna, sent him a mysterious text with only one word in all caps: "MACLUNKEY!" He texted back immediately, demanding an explanation, and Carter took his chance to keep joking about it.

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"He said, 'New discovery! It could be as important as Howard Carter and the Tutankhamun tomb,'" remembered Blake in the interview. "I didn't know what he was talking about for 10 minutes, until I had a look at the scene and thought, 'Oh right, yeah.' Disney or Lucasfilm, they're the last people that ever inform us of anything really – unless it's the lawyers, then we hear from them pretty quick."

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During the new Han-Shot-First scene, right before Greedo shoots at Solo, he exclaims, "Maclunkey!" This is the latest version to enter the heated fan debate of whether Han or Greedo shot first (In Disney+, they shoot at the same time, but Greedo gives a Maclunkey heads up!) that has divided Star Wars lovers since the 1997 remastered versions came out.

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