'Star Wars,' 'Beauty and the Beast' collide in this cosplay mashup

Elizabeth Rage, whom we previously spotlighted for her Disney/Star Wars mashup Jedi cosplay, struck back over the weekend at WonderCon with a new spin on Beauty and the Beast.

This time, however, Elizabeth's Belle is no longer a Jedi but rather a gold-clad Mandalorian bounty hunter sent to track down a certain Wookiee -- a certain really tall Wookiee. "The bounty said to KILL THE BEAST," she writes, "but I had other plans ..."

And, for the record, the mashup characters are BellebaFett and Beastbacca (portrayed by Dan Young), which don't exactly roll off the tongue. But if you can do better ... be our guest. (Get it? Get it ? Sigh.)

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