'Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission' pits you against the Empire

Hot on the heels of the recently announced "Batman: Arkham VR" game comes another major virtual reality release, also announced during the E3 press conference: "Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission." The PlayStation blog has details on the new mission, which comes from Criterion Games and DICE and will be available via PlayStation VR.

The virtual reality mission will put you, the player, in the cockpit of an X-wing, giving you the feeling of going up against the Empire alongside a band of Rebel pilots. It'll feel like you're in an X-wing cockpit floating in space as opposed to sitting on the couch in your living room

"Once you look outside your ship, you’ll start to take in and appreciate the sheer magnitude of the environment in which you’re sitting," writes James Svensson, a producer at Criterion, on the PlayStation blog. "Sure, you may think you know that a Blockade Runner or a Star Destroyer are big, but once you’re firing at Imperial forces alongside their hulls as you maneuver around their defenses, then you’ll truly comprehend the enormity of these starships. It’s intensely exciting!"

This mission will be made available for free for everyone that owns "Star Wars: Battlefront" on PS4. Video of the game's big reveal at E3 has also been made available online, which gives you a sense of the gameplay -- as well as the massive scope of the ships when compared to your X-wing.

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