'Star Wars Battlefront' teaser trailer takes us back to the Death Star

If the new footage from "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" doesn't have you wistful for the glory days of the Galactic Empire, when entire star systems quaked at rumors of a moon-sized space station, then this "Star Wars Battlefront" teaser trailer certainly will.

Debuting today out of "Star Wars" Celebration Europe in London, it's offers a taste of what to expect from Electronic Arts' third digital expansion pack, Death Star.

Following on the heels of the Outer Rim and Bespin expansions, it will include new maps, new weapons, Star Cards and two more playable characters -- including on that fans have been "patiently waiting for."

According to Polygon, EA announced at "Star Wars" Celebration that the fourth and final "Battlefront" expansion will be the "Rogue One" tie-in Scarif (that's  the name of the tropical planet featured in the film's footage and on the new poster). It's set to arrive this winter.

The Death Star expansion will be available to Season Pass holders in early September.

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