New Star Wars: Battlefront II Update Pits Stormtrooper Against… Ewoks?

Star Wars: Battlefront II has endured its fair share of controversies since it debuted last November, but that hasn't stopped EA from continuing to bolster the game's offerings via post-launch updates. The title's latest batch of downloadable content unveiled a brand-new mode for players to mercilessly attack one another -- except this time, the action's gonna get a little bit hairier.

The game's newest mode, titled "Ewok Hunt," will take place on the forest moon of Endor during the night following the second Death Star's explosion. A selection of players tasked as Stormtroopers will find themselves locked in a vicious battle against others, portraying the planet's tiny inhabitants. Be sure not to judge the furry critters by their size, however, as the mode essentially plays out as a horror movie, with Ewoks able to use their quickness and swarming numbers to overtake the Stormtroopers' superior firepower.

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Dying as a Stormtrooper doesn't signal the end of one's contributions, though, as dead Empire soldiers will instead respawn among the ever-increasing hordes of Ewoks. The Stormtroopers win the match if any of their soldiers survive long enough to board an extraction shuttle, while Team Ewok claims victory should all of the Empire's followers meet the same fate as their fallen brethren.

The free add-on is available now for Star Wars: Battlefront II owners on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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