Star Wars Reveals the Origin of Admiral Holdo's Big Last Jedi Move

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Star Wars: Age of Resistance Special, from G. Willow Wilson, Elsa Charretier and Nick Filardi, on sale now.

While Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi proved to be divisive among fans, it gave the franchise one of its best moments when Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo activated the hyperdrive on her ship, the Raddus, and cut through Snoke's Supremacy, allowing Leia, Poe and the rebels to escape Kylo Ren and the First Order. It was a pretty daring move that might just have saved the Resistance while cementing Holdo as a bold military strategist. Thanks to the latest Age of Resistance one-shot story, "The Bridge," we finally gain some insight into her tactical background and the origin of this very move in the Star Wars Universe.

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Set years before The Last Jedi, Holdo is on a ship called the Candor, smuggling arms to the Rebel Alliance in deep space. We see her killing Morogian snap plants to dye her hair purple, with members of the crew questioning how a diplomat like her fits into the tapestry of war. Eventually, as the Candor comes under attack from an Imperial warship, they find out exactly why she's so revered.

Holdo races to the bridge to find Captain Jardar dead, and so, she assumes command. Sadly, the Star Destroyer has them in its tractor beam and starts pulling them up, opening the cargo hold to board it. Holdo, however, improvises. As the door opens, she orders the crew to point their ship directly at the Star Destroyer. They're shocked, because it doesn't seem like this is an escape maneuver, but as they get closer, she has her men shoot at the opening. This results in a hole being blasted through the Destroyer, and they then punch the ion drive, flying straight through the hold and the blown-open hole, escaping the stunned villains.

It's similar to her move in The Last Jedi, except there all she could do was use the Raddus as a battering ram to provide some distance between the First Order and the Resistance, allowing the latter to escape to Crait. In this case, Holdo is closer to her enemies and half the work has already been done as the ship opens its doors to abduct them. As the Candor flees to a repair base, the rebels call in and Holdo is promoted to captain, with her new crew expressing relief but also regret for being reluctant to follow her ambitious orders in the first place. She thinks nothing of it as she knows she's unconventional and daring in the face of the First Order, and at this point, their awe echoes what exactly Poe realized when Leia told him of Holdo's past upon her death.

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Leia did say Holdo was a decorated war strategist and this is a stark example why she was held in such high regard. This move would end up saving them all, and it's quite ironic that her soldiers here call it "one in a million." Little did she or they know it'd be repurposed later on for a mission of greater importance on the big screen, but as everyone at the bay comes to accept, Holdo's simply not someone to be doubtful or hesitant around.

When she gives an order, trust and obey her, because she knows what she's doing. It's all for the greater good, even if it means sacrificing their own lives for the liberation of others -- something Poe, Finn and the rest of the Resistance learned firsthand. And that's why Holdo (whose full journey to Vice Admiral is still to be detailed in these comics) will go down in the annals of Star Wars history as an esteemed war hero, a paragon of virtue and a beacon of light and hope for rebels far and wide.

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