Star Wars 40th Anniversary Vinyl Set Boasts Death Star 3D Hologram

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will have a new item to add to their holiday shopping lists with the release of a 40th anniversary vinyl set. The collection will include the John Williams' original remastered soundtrack to Star Wars: A New Hope, a 48-page hardcover book, and a 3D hologram of the Death Star.

The Death Star 3D hologram comes on side A of the third disc, with side B featuring the Star Wars 40th anniversary logo. Tristan Duke (Lazaretto) created both the 3D hologram and logo by hand.

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Other extras included in the box set are a number of behind-the-scenes photos from A New Hope's production and soundtrack scoring, and two essays in the hardcover. “Tuning Up a Galaxy" is written by Jeff Bond (The Music of Star Trek) and takes a look at the popularity of Star Wars and how the music from John Williams impacted the way other films approached their musical scores. Jeff Eldridge's “John Williams’ Journey to Star Wars” dives into Williams' early work, while looking at influences and the musical legacy he's left behind.

The Star Wars: A New Hope vinyl box goes on sale Dec. 1 and is available for preorder atDisneyMusicEmporium.com.

Via StarWars.com

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