"Star Wars" #21 Introduces Deadly, Competent Stromtrooper Unit Scar Squadron

From pretty much the beginning of 1977's "Star Wars," fans have formed generally less-than-favorable opinions about the Empire's stormtroopers. They've earned a reputation at being cannon fodder that rarely hits their target. This real world opinion has also crept into actual Star Wars canon, specifically in last week's "Star Wars" #21.

The comic from writer Jason Aaron and artist Jorge Molina does a lot to change the reputation of the stormtroopers by introducing the Special Commando Advanced Recon troopers -- or SCAR troopers. Unlike stormtroopers, this team (called the Scar Squadron or Task Force 99) is highly trained and dangerously competent and has one mission: eliminate rebels, or "terrorists" as the SCAR troopers call them. And, as seen in the issue, the team is really good at their job.

We meet all seven members of Scar Squadron in the issue, and learn a vary degree about each one of them.

  • Sergeant Kreel, an ex-Imperial spy previously stationed on the smuggler's moon Nar Shaddaa and now the leader of Scar Squadron
  • Mic, the communications expert that deals with encryption
  • Shrap, a trooper armed with a flamethrower
  • Cav, a trooper armed with a variety of knives
  • Misty, a cloaked trooper
  • Zuke, bulky trooper with a bazooka
  • Aero, a mechanic trooper skilled at hot-wiring vehicles

Task Force 99 will play a major role in the next arc. During the "Cup O' Joe" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, writer Jason Aaron spoke about the group and the upcoming "Star Wars" arc.

"We wanted some stormtroopers that were actually effective and could shoot the things they fire at," said Aaron. "The next big arc starts in issue #22 and features the Rebels trying to steal a Star Destroyer, and they steal a shitty one and they have to fly it with a skeleton crew. They're piloting this ragtag Star Destroyer across the galaxy to save the day, and that's when our stormtroopers show up and you see them butt heads with the cast."

"Star Wars" #22 arrives in stores on August 24.

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