Marvel's Star Wars Reveals Finn's First Act of Rebellion

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Star Wars: Age of Resistance -- Finn #1, from Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, Guru-eFX and VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now. 

One of the significant developments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is that Stormtroopers are no longer clones, conditioned to mindlessly follow orders. These soldiers are individuals, which may occasionally lead them to question the methods and goals of the First Order. At least that's what happened with FN-2187, better known as Finn.

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However, the current Star Wars trilogy hasn't given much insight into what cultivated that rebellious mentality in Finn as he trained to become part of Supreme Leader Snoke's vast army. But Marvel's new Age of Resistance one-shot finally explores Finn's past, and reveals the first signs that he was destined to become a rebel.

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On Starkiller Base, Finn is as awkward as they come, running around with mops and pretending he's on the frontlines, even though he's assigned janitorial duty. He's still frightened of Kylo Ren, and bullied by Captain Phasma, so much so he's placed on duty to clear a blockage in a flood chamber on the icy base.

His unit soon discovers there's an infestation by bird-like bat creatures, native to the planet, which are killing Stormtroopers. Finn informs his superiors that it's insensitive to kill the species. That's not Stormtrooper mentality, which gives a clear indication Finn isn't cut out for the job. That he roasts his captain when he comes under attack by one of the creatures, hoping the Stormtrooper armor is fire-proof, pretty much sums up Finn as someone you might not trust to fight beside you.

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That, in turn, lands him on garbag- disposal duty, where he gets a bright idea. He befriends Marialew, who pilots the waste to the Garbage Moon of Maher, but once they get there, Finn begins to act nervously. He wants to help offload material, which is so unlike any First Order soldier, leading Marialew to draw a weapon on him. She doesn't know what contraband he's trying to sneak off Starkiller Base, but it could land her in trouble.

Thankfully, it's the animals' nest, which relieves Marialew. They set them free on the waste planet, where  their species can thrive. It's then and there that Marialew tells Finn he is indeed cut out for something far more rebellious and altruistic than the First Order. It foreshadows the scene on Jakku in The Force Awakens, wheen Kylo kills Lor San Tekka and the Stormtroopers raze the village.

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He has flashbacks and panic attack suggest Finn experienced other traumatic missions. He's already made it clear to Marialew that killing -- even of those bat-like creatures -- takes a toll. So one can imagine how training and military missions must have weighed on him. As Marialew observes his insubordination and notes, it's a small act but one that indicates that Finn is a good person, which ultimately informs why he becomes an key player in the Resistance, fighting against those he once served.

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