'Star Trek's' Original Chekov Remembers Anton Yelchin

In the newest "Star Trek" films Yelchin played Pavel Chekov, a bright ensign who was a part of the Enterprise bridge crew. In "Star Trek: The Original Series" Chekov was played by Walter Koenig, who recently shared his thoughts on Yelchin's untimely death in The Hollywood Reporter.

"My heart goes out to his mother and father. I know what you're going through." Koenig shared an experience he had with Yelchin once, presumably while Yelchin was preparing for his role: "We spoke on a sound stage for about two hours. What I learned that day was how bright and sensitive he was. I walked away thinking — this is a good person."

In light of this tragedy Paramount has also pulled out of an appearance at Cannes. According to Deadline, the studio has issued the following statement:

All of us are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend Anton Yelchin. Out of respect, we are withdrawing our participation in the previously announced "Star Trek Beyond" event at Cannes Lions this week.

Yelchin passed away from a car accident on June 19. His next film, "Star Trek Beyond," opens in theaters July 22.

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