<i>Star Trek</i> Sequel May Be Delayed

With its June 29, 2012, release approaching at what undoubtedly feels to studio executives like warp speed, the sequel to 2009's franchise-rejuvenating Star Trek reboot still has no script -- only a 70-page outline -- and no director. And now, Deadline's sources say, it may no longer have that summer opening date.

The website reports Paramount Pictures is now mulling a holiday 2012 release; that's after the studio pushed back another franchise, the (also) Chris Pine-starring Jack Ryan reboot, because of script delays.

There is good news, though. J.J. Abrams, who's been engrossed with Super 8, is reportedly expected to announce "shortly" that he'll return to direct Star Trek 2. Presumably after he does the promotional rounds for Super 8, he'll have time to sign off on that mammoth outline, and Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof can get to work on the actual screenplay -- the one that was expected to be finished by Christmas 2009.

So why, 13 months from its intended release, is Star Trek 2 on such unsteady ground? It's simple, Deadline says: Virtually everyone involved has a full slate.

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