Star Trek: First Picard-Focused Series Details Revealed

As writing on CBS All Access' planned Star Trek series focused on the continuing adventures of fan-favorite character Jean-Luc Picard continues, executive producer Alex Kurtzman has provided an update on the project.

Serving as a sequel, of sorts, to Star Trek: The Next Generation which introduced Picard as the new captain of the Enterprise, Kurtzman has revealed that the new show will be markedly different than either The Next Generation or Star Trek: Discovery.

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"People have so many questions about Picard and what happened to him, and the idea we get to take time to answer those questions in the wake of the many, many things he’s had to deal with in Next Gen is really exciting," explained Kurtzman in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "‘More grounded’ is not the right way to put it, because season 2 of Discovery is also grounded. It will feel more… real-world?"

Kurtzman, who currently serves as the showrunner on Discovery as well as overseeing the new Star Trek programming on CBS' premium streaming service, confirms the writers are still working on the new series, with eight episodes written and the project "moving quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited about it."

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So far, only Patrick Stewart has been officially cast for the series with no title or premiere announced though earlier reports noted the series is expected to premiere by the end of 2019.

"It’s an extremely different rhythm than Discovery," admitted Kurtzman. "Discovery is a bullet. Picard is a very contemplative show. It will find a balance between the speed of Discovery and the nature of what Next Gen was, but I believe it will have its own rhythm.”

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