• Star Trek: Picard will feature the return of several fan-favorite characters. 1 / 9

  • The series follows Picard who retired to his family vineyard after Star Trek: The Next Generation. 2 / 9

  • Brent Spiner will return, somehow, as the android Data, who was killed in Star Trek: Nemesis. 3 / 9

  • B-4, Data's slightly less advanced brother with all of his memories, may appear in a disassembled state. 4 / 9

  • Star Trek: Voyager's ex-Borg, Seven of Nine, will share the screen with Picard for the first time. 5 / 9

  • Will RIker, Picard's Number One, will also return, apparently in a "non-military" capacity. 6 / 9

  • Deanna Troi will also return, still married to Riker. 7 / 9

  • Picard will also feature the return of Hugh, a Borg who Picard helped rediscover his individuality. 8 / 9

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