Star Trek Gets a New, Perfectly Named Whisky

Mr. Scott on Star Trek

A beloved figure in the Star Trek franchise, Montgomery Scott was known for working miracles with the Enterprise's warp engines, and for his love of fine scotch whisky. Although enjoyed sampling the finest scotch he could find across the galaxy, but his preference was always for the genuine article. And now, thanks to Montgomery Scott Scotch, Star Trek fans can share his joy alongside his memory.

Montgomery Scott Scotch is the latest product in the line of Star Trek branded spirits released this year by Silver Screen Bottling Co. The company, which launched James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey over the summer, describes the beverage as a genuine blended scotch whisky with a slight smoky note.

Montgomery Scott Scotch

Played by actor James Doohan, Mr. Scott was known by his shipmates and fans as Scotty. Off-duty, one of his prized possessions was a bottle of “ very, very, very old” Scotch whisky from Earth, which he kept hidden in an ancient suit of armor. His preferences came handy in the episode “By Any Other Name” when the ship was overtaken by agents of the Kelvan Empire. As his shipmates endeavored to regain control of the Enterprise, Scotty attempted to incapacitate the Kelvan agent Tomar by getting him drunk. He succeeded, but promptly joined Tomar in passing out.

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The scotch label is the fourth Star Trek product launched by Silver Screen Bottling Co. under license by CBS Consumer Products, following James T. Kirk Bourbon, James T. Kirk Bourbon Reserve and Ten-Forward Vodka. Montgomery Scott Scotch is available for preorder for $49.99 from Silver Screen Bottling Co., for shipping in March.

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