'Star Trek Into Darkness,' 'World War Z' Return to Theaters Together

For better or worse, the summer movie season is at an end. But before the fall, there's still one more chance for moviegoers to trek into darkness and battle a tsunami of zombies.

Paramount Pictures has announced a double-feature of its two summer hits, Star Trek Into Darkness and World War Z, launching into theaters on Friday. The run lasts through Sept. 5, providing fans with one last chance to delve back into the worlds of Starfleet and the Brad Pitt-modeled zombie apocalypse.

Before you start thinking Paramount's re-releasing these movies out of the kindness of their hearts, keep in mind that World War Z has a domestic box-office total of $199 million at the moment. Putting the zombie thriller back into theaters for a week-long run all but guarantees the film will cross the $200 million threshold — an important milestone on the road to a World War Z sequel.

Head to /Film for the full announcement.

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