'Star Trek' Goes 'Hamilton' in New 'My Spock' Music Video

Fans of "Hamilton," get ready to boldly go where no song has gone before. "Grayson" and "Batman and Robin Eternal" writer Jackson Lanzing has written, sang, and produced a new "Star Trek" song in the style of the Broadway musical "Hamilton."

The song, titled "My Spock," is a parody of the "Hamilton" song "My Shot." In "My Shot," writer Lin-Manuel Miranda sings from the perspective of founding father Alexander Hamilton. In "My Spock," Lanzing sings as if he is Spock, from the 2009 "Star Trek" film.

His clever lyrics walk listeners through the events of the Spock's difficult upbringing and his decision to join Starfleet. Spock and Hamilton are similar in a lot of ways, and the song portrays their struggles. Lanzing perfectly captures the style of Miranda, who raps and flows through lyrics faster than a ship at warp speed.

Lanzing shared the video on Twitter today, attributing his love for parodies to singer Weird Al Yankovic, "My very first concerts as a kid were @alyankovic shows. When it comes to #Hamiltrek, I learned it by watching him."

Based on "My Shot" from the musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Star Trek (2009), written by Bob Orci & Alex Kurtzman. Lyrics written and performed by Jackson Lanzing. Produced at Endeavor Studios LA by Noah Hunt. Back-Up Vocals by Marisa Leigh Esposito. Instrumental track by baovmusigeek. 

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