What Star Trek: Discovery's Sneak Peek Tells Us About Season 2

star trek discovery season 2

After starting, and ending, the Federation-Klingon War and visiting the fan-favorite Mirror Universe, all within its first season, Star Trek: Discovery closed out its maiden voyage with the surprise arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The iconic vessel brings with the promise of not only a stronger connection to the 1960s Original Series -- Discovery is set about a decade before that five-year mission -- but also a tense reunion between Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham and her adoptive brother, Spock.

CBS All Access announced the start of production on Season 2 late this week with a video that pulls back the curtain on the sci-fi drama, with glimpses of sets under construction, aliens coming to life and scenes being filmed. However, more than that, it offers some tantalizing clues about what to expect from Discovery's sophomore outing.

Familiar Uniforms

star trek discovery

Some longtime franchise fans weren't particularly enamored with the Starfleet uniforms on Star Trek: Discovery, as the don't remotely resemble those of the Original Series, set about a decade later, or even that show's unaired first pilot. But with the surprise arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Discovery's Season 1 finale comes some more familiar attire.

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But the detail shots and concept art in the production video reveal that they're not mere replicas of the uniforms from the 1960s series; the designs are more intricate, with piping that echoes the tunics of Discovery's first season, and undoubtedly looks better on modern screens. The big question for Star Trek devotees, however, will undoubtedly be how the series explains the discrepancies between the uniform styles.

These Are the Voyages ...

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The behind-the-scenes video offers plenty of footage of sets being constructed, but this is the first confirmed image from aboard the Enterprise in Season 2. Note the sleek design of the panel, more in keeping with those of Discovery than the brightly colored consoles of The Original Series, with their raised buttons and flashing lights.

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It was recently revealed the producers of Discovery had to redesign Enterprise's exterior because of the division of property rights between CBS and Viacom. But here we see the interior also gets a makeover, which only makes sense, given that exact replicas of the TOS bridge, corridors and sickbay would be a jarring departure from the aesthetics of Discovery. The differences between the two vessels are more likely to be conveyed through color schemes and technology, such as transporters (Discovery employs the lateral vector transporter), and uniforms.

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