Star Trek: Discovery Companion Books & Comics Coming Soon

At Star Trek: Mission New York, the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the iconic sc-fi series, fans received new details about the latest TV entry in the franchise, "Star Trek: Discovery." Kirsten Beyer, a writer on the new series, announced during a Q&A session that she would be working with authors David Mack and Michael Johnson on a complementary novel and comic book series.

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The reveal was followed up with a few tweets from the official Star Trek account:

The authors are all Star Trek regulars; Beyer has written a slew of "Star Trek: Voyager" novels, Mack has written several "Star Trek: Next Generation" and "Deep Space Nine" works, including the three-part series "Star Trek: Destiny," and Johnson has written several runs for the "Star Trek: Ongoing," comic series, as well as the "Star Trek: Into Darkness" tie-in comic, "Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness."

So far, there are few details about "Star Trek: Discovery's" plot. We know the series will take place in the "prime" Star Trek universe -- the original -- as opposed to the Kelvin timeline introduced in the J.J. Abrams-produced films. The events of "Discovery" take place ten years before the original series, and will be told from the perspective of the U.S.S. Discovery's crew, with the focus being on the series' female lead, "Number One."

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The 13-episode first season will launch in January 2017 on CBS' streaming service, CBS All Access. Each of the episodes will be available on Netflix 24 hours after their CBS All Access air date.

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