'Star Trek' Build-A-Bear collection sets phasers on cuddly

Build-A-Bear is celebrating "Star Trek's" 50th anniversary in the only way it knows how: with adorable furry friends, of course.

The toy company has unveiled limited-edition bears, complete with "Star Trek" chest insignia and anniversary logo.

The two bears available are the regular 50th anniversary black bear for $25 and a slightly more expensive Spock for $28. The latter features the character's signature ears, haircut and Vulcan salute, and has the phrase "Live Long and Prosper" written on its foot.

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Build-A-Bear is also selling accessories, with blue, gold and red uniforms available for $15 each, and a phaser for $5. You can even make it so your bear can play the "Star Trek" theme song for just $7.

Full sets, featuring the bear, the uniform and the phaser are available for $52.50 for the anniversary bear, and $55.50 for the Spock bear.

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