Star-Lord: Annihilation - Conquest TPB

Story by
Art by
Victor Olazaba, Timothy Green II
Colors by
Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by
VC - Rus Wooton
Cover by
Marvel Comics

• Peter Quill is Star-Lord once more, but will he embrace his legacy?

• The techno-organic Phalanx have overrun the galaxy, and it's time for Star-Lord and his ragtag team of cosmic cult favorites - including Bug, Captain Universe, Deathcry, Mantis, Groot and Rocket Raccoon - to suit up and become legends!

• But this no-win, no-tech suicide mission starts off bad and rapidly gets worse.

• As hordes of the Phalanx close in, one team member might have to make the supreme sacrifice!

• Relive the birth of the motley crew that became the Guardians of the Galaxy!


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