Stanley Tucci Joins "Captain America" Cast

With principal photography about to go underway in London, Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston are putting the final casting pieces in place for "The First Avenger: Captain America." Today, the studio confirmed for CBR News via press release that actor Stanley Tucci has signed on for the role of Dr. Abraham Erskine - the German scientist who famously created the super soldier serum that made Steve Rogers into Captain America in the comics.

A well-known and highly regarded supporting player in films as varied as "Billy Bathgate" and "The Terminal," Tucci most recently appeared as the killer in Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones." The actor has appeared in many period pieces surrounding both World War II and Depression-era America including "The Imposters" which he wrote and directed, but playing a German scientist tapped to create the perfect American solider is a change from some of the other roles in Tucci's long resume. And how this film version of Dr. Erksine will connect with rumors that the super solider serum was created in conjunction with Howard Stark of "Iron Man 2" remains unclear.

Starring Chris Evans in the title role, "The First Avenger: Captain America" is set to storm into theaters on July 22, 2011. Check back to CBR for more updates on the film, and for all the news from Hollywood, check out Spinoff Online.

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