Stan Winston, R.I.P.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Oscar-winning visual effects and makeup artist Stan Winston has died. The cause of death is said to be complications having to do with multiple myeloma, with which Winston had struggled for seven years.

The head of Stan Winston Studio, Winston's work is all but ubiquitous in genre films, with his creations appearing in such classics as "Aliens" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," for which he won Academy Awards. Winston also created effects and makeup for "Jurassic Park," "Edward Scissorhands" and "Predator," although comic book fans will perhaps remember him best for his contributions to "Batman Returns" as well as his final project, "Iron Man," for which he created the armored suit worn by star Robert Downey, Jr.

The LA Times quotes fellow effects artist Phil Tippet as saying, "Stan contributed to some of the greatest -- fantastic movie characters in motion picture history. His loss in a great one and he will be missed."

Stan Winston was 62 and "died peacefully at home surrounded by family," a spokesperson said.

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