Stan the Man gets his own app

Stan Lee may be well past 80, but he's always willing to move with the times. During the manga boom, he wrote a manga series, Ultimo, that was actually published in Japan before making it to the United States.; now that digital is the Next Big Thing, he has his own iPad/iPhone app. The app works the same way most comics apps do — it's free to download, and it includes a couple of free comics (first issues) as well as more comics that you buy within the app.

Lee's new app features all the comics he has done for BOOM! Studios, which is a healthy handful (Lee just thinks up the ideas — other people write and illustrate them): Soldier Zero, The Traveler and Starborn.

Interestingly, though, the app is published by iVerse, while the BOOM! app is based on the comiXology platform. While the iVerse flagship app, Comics+, carries BOOM! titles, they only added Lee's comics today — and they are also up top in the featured position on comiXology's Comics app. So not only is Lee getting his own app, he's getting some extra juice from other digital distributors.

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