Stan Lee's Indian hero 'Chakra: The Invincible' to make TV debut

Stan Lee has a pretty good track record when it comes to creating heroes, and now he's added one more to that long list: Chakra.

The character that will make his animated debut Nov. 30 in an hour-long television movie called Chakra: The Invincible, which will air across South Asia on Cartoon Network. According to Deadline, the movie potentially could reach 34 million households. Readers received their first taste of the character in May in Liquid Comics' Free Comic Book Day offering.

Described by Lee as a "thrill-a-minute superhero saga," Chakra follows a young Indian boy named Raju Rai, who has a suit that weaponizes the chakras of his body for use as a superhero. Based in Mumbai, Chakra is aided by a mentor named Dr. Singh. Lee worked with cartoonist Jeevan J. Kang to develop the design for Chakra and the series' associated characters, along with creating the overall style of the series.

Although aimed primarily at South Asian audiences, Chaka: The Invincible will also be shown online via Angry Birds creator Rovio's ToonsTV platform.

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