Stan Lee's Anime The Reflection Debuts Trailer

Stan Lee's next superhero tale will look a little different that what Marvel Comics fans may expect.

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Called "The Reflection," the anime collaboration between Lee's POW! Entertainment, Studio DEEN ("Fruits Basket," "Read or Die") and director Hiroshi Nagahama ("Mushishi," "The Flowers of Evil") debuted a teaser trailer on Saturday at Stan Lee's L.A. Comic Con.

Studio DEEN released the following logline as well:

After THE REFLECTION, some of the people in all parts of the world are discovered with super powers.Some become heroes, and others villains.How did the Reflection happen? What was the cause of it?With many unsolved mysteries, the world is lead into turmoil.

The trailer features inspiring music from British composer Trevor Horn, a gorgeously animated caped crusader, and Lee himself.

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"The Reflection" is far from the first superhero-themed anime for Lee. He previously worked on the anime "Heroman," and co- created the manga "Ultimo" with "Shaman King" writer Hiroyuki Takei. Some of Lee's Marvel Comics co-creations, including the X-Men and Iron Man, have inspired both manga and anime adaptations.

"The Reflection" will be distributed worldwide in 2017.

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