Stan Lee wishes Bob Kane were alive to see Marvel's film success

Separate from Bloomberg Businessweek's Marvel Studios cover story, Bloomberg Television chats with Stan Lee about the current popularity of superhero movies, concerns about "superhero fatigue," and the differences between the box-office performances of the Marvel and DC Comics properties.

"I wish my friend Bob Kane were still with us -- he's the fellow who created Batman," Lee says. "Bob always used to tease me about the fact that Batman was a big deal on television and in movies, and we at Marvel had done nothing. I wish he was here now so I could return that teasing. A character should be somebody that the reader, or viewer, really cares about, and maybe at Marvel we put a little more effort into refining the characteristics and the nature of our heroes, maybe a little more effort than they have on the other side of the aisle."

He also delves into his projects at POW! Entertainment, and what advances in technology may mean to the future of the comics industry: "If you come up with the right project with the right superhero and the right atmosphere and the right power, and with a good story, it almost doesn't matter whether it's on the screen, a big screen, a 3D screen, on a computer screen or in a comic book or in a novel -- a good story is a good story, and people have always wanted good stories."

And if you've always wondered what the 91-year-old Lee has for breakfast every morning, he answers that question, too.

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