Stan Lee Weighs In On "Suicide Squad" Director's "F--- Marvel" Comment

Marvel CCO Joe Quesada isn't the only person coming to the defense of "Suicide Squad" director David Ayer; Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee is too. The support comes after DC movie director Ayer echoed a fan's chant of "fuck Marvel" during the "Suicide Squad" premiere earlier this week -- a comment that Ayer apologized for a few hours later. Quesada took the comment in stride and urged Marvel fans to give Ayer a break since the comment was "all in good fun." Now, Stan Lee has weighed in:

Hey @DavidAyerMovies - Don't feel too bad about dropping the f bomb. It's a compliment of the highest order! https://t.co/uSBokELsUB

- stan lee (@TheRealStanLee) August 3, 2016

To explain his fun logic, Lee links back to a "Stan's Rants" installment from 2012 where he rants about the phrase "F you." He takes the phrase literally and says that any time anyone says that to him, he says ""thank you for wishing such a wonderful thing to me."

David Ayer's "Suicide Squad" opens in theaters on August 5.

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