A Beautiful Stan Lee Tribute Mural Has Appeared in Los Angeles

A mural done in tribute to comics legend Stan Lee has appeared in Los Angeles.

The mural was created by the group SopitaGvng, who shared two videos of the piece's construction on Instagram. The mural itself shows an incredibly beautiful portrait of the writer/editor alongside a city skyline. The picture also includes two of Lee's most enduring co-creations: Spider-Man and Doctor Doom, whom Lee created alongside Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, respectively. According to the first video, the mural is located at the corner of 48th Street and Saint Andrews in South Los Angeles.

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Prior to his passing earlier this month, Lee had been a resident of Los Angeles for decades, moving to the west coast after stepping away from the editor-in-chief role at Marvel Comics. Los Angeles is known for its street art, and this new piece fits in with the other artwork in the area.

Lee, who created many of Marvel's most beloved characters, has appeared in 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date. Lee's next film cameo will be in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The comics legend had already filmed his cameo for the upcoming Avengers 4 prior to his death.

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