Tom King Has Been Subtly Honoring Stan Lee at DC for Years

Comic book writer Tom King has been honoring the influence and overall impact the late Stan Lee had on him in his career today.

In the process, he revealed his most subtle way of paying homage to the deceased legend in the vast array of DC Comics he's been writing over the years.

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King disclosed on Twitter he introduces his stories with "DC Comics presents," following in the footsteps of Lee, who introduced his comics with "Stan Lee presents," -- his way of being a Lee fanboy. In the post, King included his Superman, Batman, Heroes in Crisis and Sgt. Rock samples as proof of how much Lee's work meant to him.

"He meant so much. As a tribute to Stan and his immortal 'Stan Lee presents,' since the start of my career, I’ve tried always to put a 'DC Comics presents' before my titles," King tweeted. "I told him this once. He nodded, patted my back, and said, “forget that, kid. Just write for Marvel.”

Of course, King did take his advice by also writing for Marvel on The Vision before becoming an exclusive creator for DC, with whom he was already writing books like Nightwing.

From now on, King's introductions will hold that much more sentiment for Lee fans when they see the opening to his books.

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