Stan Lee to appear on iFanboy

Official Press Release

On June 7, in a move guaranteed to electrify comic book fans everywhere, Revison3's hit show "iFanboy," will sit down with Stan Lee, internationally renowned comic book creator. Lee is the mind behind such cultural super-icons as Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk and X-Men.

"'iFanboy' is the Internet bible for comic book fans," said Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3. "And now with the breakthrough success of Iron Man, 'iFanboy' is bringing the greatest name in comic books to a much wider audience. If you love Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Avengers or many of the other great characters Stan Lee has created�"you have to watch this show." "iFanboy," one of iTunes' "Best of 2007," puts a hip face on the world of sequential storytelling. Each week, the show takes viewers inside some of the biggest comic book conventions and signings in the world. In addition to reviews of the latest offerings from Marvel, DC, Image and Indie publishers, they also give viewers the lowdown on which graphic novels and trade paperbacks they should be reading and talk to some of the biggest names in the business such as Grant Morrison, Robert Kirkman, Dan DiDio, Brian K. Vaughan, Peter David, Joe Casey, Greg Rucka, Paul Dini and Joss Whedon. But ask any die-hard "iFanboy" fan what keeps them coming back week after week, and they will undoubtedly tell you "the dating advice."

"Stan Lee is one of the founding fathers of the comic book community and I am personally honored to sit down with him," says Ron Richards, co-host of "iFanboy." "We're thrilled to give 'iFanboy' fans such exclusive access to an industry legend. Stan Lee is always relevant, always cool, and even more so now, with the release of several blockbuster films based on his work, the most recent being Iron Man."

To watch the episode and other Revision3 shows, tune in to www.revision3.com/ifanboy.

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