Stan Lee Threatened By Two Gunmen Outside His LA Home

Legendary Marvel Comics writer and editor Stan Lee is reportedly safe following an incident that took place outside his home on Thursday night, prompting several police units and a police helicopter to rush to the scene where two suspected gunmen were detained.

According to The Daily Mail, police rushed to Stan Lee's home after a call was placed to 911 at 7:30pm Thursday night reporting that an armed man was threatening Lee. Two men were detained by the LAPD, one of whom reportedly confronted Lee demanding money. "Officers were called to a property on the 9100 block of Oriole Way at 7.30pm after reports of an assault. It was claimed that a suspect had a gun and was threatening. Officers detained two individuals that matched the description and an investigation is ongoing. Three units are still on scene including officers and detectives," a spokesperson for the LAPD said. The LAPD reports that one or both of the men detained had been at Lee's home just one day prior.

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A witness to the incident claimed that the two men had a confrontation with Lee outside his home. The witness claimed that Lee did not know either man who were demanding that Lee pay them money he owed them. According to the witness, Lee was with his lawyer, business partner and nurse during the incident. They retreated into the house when the men took out their guns, and the police were called.

The witness claimed approximately 20 cops showed up while helicopters surveilled the area from above. The witness claimed that the two men threw away their guns when police arrived, however, officers later retrieved the firearms. The suspects were handcuffed by police, though it is not yet known whether any arrests have been made as the incident remains under investigation.

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This incident is another in a long-line of incidents involving Stan Lee over the past few months. Last month, it was reported that Lee is suing his former company POW! Entertainment for $1 billion on the basis that his partners either tricked him into signing over exclusive rights to his name and likeness, or outright forged his signature. In April, amidst claims that he was subject to elder abuse, Lee posted a fiery video in which he threatened to "sue the ass off" those who claimed he's been the target of elder abuse from his daughter. Police were also called to his home in April after an intruder jumped a fence and tried to force his way inside.

In February, the 95-year old Lee was rushed to hospital following a major health scare, though he was released the following day. He's also been the subject of sexual misconduct claims from home care nurses who had previously been employed at his home and a Chicago masseuse. His blood was reportedly stolen and used to sign comics by a former business associate.

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