Stan Lee Teams with YouTube Spaces for "World of Superheroes"

Stan Lee's Pow! Entertainment has joined forces with YouTube Spaces for a new venture designed to create original superhero-themed content for YouTube. "World of Superheroes" will provide resources, classes and more to aspiring filmmakers as they turn their dreams into reality. A number of the projects will be selected to debut this fall at Stan Lee's Comikaze convention in Los Angeles.

"We're celebrating the superhero genre," Lee told Variety. "I'm excited to partner with YouTube Spaces to help develop ideas and create new superheroes along with some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the entertainment industry."

In addition to providing selected creators with "cinematic-quality sets" at YouTube Spaces studios around the world, Lee himself consult with a select few creators as they work to bring their concepts to life.

The channel is scheduled to launch in mid-June.

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