Stan Lee Teams with ibooks and Komikwerks Launch Stan Lee's "Sunday Comics"

Official Press Release

New York, NY/Boston, MA – Stan Lee's Sunday Comics is a new online comics subscription service that launched this past week on Komikwerks.com, and was announced at the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con. The service is a new business venture involving Stan Lee, ibooks, Inc., and Komikwerks, LLC, and will offer online readers access to thousands of pages of comics per year for a low monthly fee. Featured on the site are comics by top creators such as Joe Kubert, Bernie Wrightson, Keith Giffen, Gil Kane and many more.

"This website is a great way to get fantastic comics by legendary creators out to readers all over the world. I'm excited to be a part of it!" exclaimed Stan Lee, who as the host of Sunday Comics, will be authoring his trademark column "Stan's Soapbox" every week, exclusively on the Sunday Comics page. "I've known Byron Preiss at ibooks for years – he's got a real knack for picking and publishing some of the best comics from around the world. And Komikwerks is doing a bang-up job with their website – there's so much great stuff on there, it's - dare I say - uncanny!"

"The concept is pretty simple", explains ibooks' President, Byron Preiss, "We're harkening back to a time when comics were released every Sunday, and you could get alot of comics under one cover for one low price. We're making it simple for readers – all you need to do is log on to the website and sign up for Stan Lee's Sunday Comics, and you can read hundreds of printed pages worth of great comics by award-winning creators every month."

Stan Lee's Sunday Comics will update every Sunday with new installments of each of the comics it offers, as well as a new Stan's Soapbox. At the time of the website's launch, there are four titles under the Sunday Comics banner, and new titles will be added every month. The initial four comics are Joe Kubert's Yossel: April 19, 1943, Jimmy Gownley's Amelia Rules!, Bernie Wrightson's Captain Sternn, and Keith Giffen's Trencher. Yossel is nominated for an Eisner Award this year, and Amelia Rules! has been previously nominated for the prestigious award. Famed illustrator Bernie Wrightson's Captain Sternn and Eisner-winner Keith Giffen's Trencher have been long out of print, and are available exclusively online at Stan Lee's Sunday Comics.

Future additions to the site include Terminator: The Burning Earth by Ron Fortier & Alex Ross, The Best of the Ray Bradbury Chronicles by Dave Gibbons, P. Craig Russel, Richard Corben, and Steve Leialoha, Marlowe: The Graphic Novel by Jerome Charyn, David Lloyd, Ryan Hughes, Lee Moyer, and Alfredo Alcala, The Quest for Aberzen by Marc N'Guessan and Christophe Gibelin, Sunn by Steven Roman, Kevin Lau, Alex Nino, & Humberto Ramos, Terminator 2: Judgement Day - The Graphic Novel by Gregory Wright & Klaus Janson, Isaac Asimov's Derec: The Robot City Manga by Doug Murray and Paul Rivoche, Vietnam Journal by Don Lomax, and The Last Heroes by Gil Kane and Steven Grant.

"I can't tell you how excited we are about this," says Komikwerks co-founder Shannon Denton, "When we started Komikwerks 4 years ago, I never thought that we'd be teaming with such comics legends as Stan 'The Man" Lee, Joe Kubert, and Bernie Wrightson. It's pretty amazing!"

Though Stan Lee's Sunday Comics will make it's home on Komikwerks.com, those that read Komikwerks' free comics every week need not fear; the over 60 free comic titles, interviews, rants, and reviews offered on the site will not disappear. "We see Sunday Comics as a natural extension of the online presence we've built," states Komikwerks co-founder, Patrick Coyle, "It's like adding an addition on to your house – you love what you've got, but you can add a whole new section and make it that much better!"

Stan Lee's Sunday Comics will cost $4.95 per month, or readers can sign up for a year's subscription for $49.95, which is like getting two months for free. "That's a sweet deal, I don't mind saying," says Denton. "To buy all these books in print would cost hundreds of dollars. For around what people pay for the average 22-page comic, our readers get about 8 times as many pages per month. Man, that's cool!"

Byron Preiss adds, "The successful introduction of Stan Lee's Sunday Comics at the San Diego Comic-Con suggests that fans and pros alike are ready for a syndication model that can generate revenue from online subscriptions while eliminating the cost of printing a Sunday comics section. Ibooks and Komikwerks will be exploring the syndication of the section with major metropolitan newspapers as well."

About ibooks, inc.

ibooks, founded in 1999, was named "America's fastest growing small publisher" by Publisher's Weekly in February '03. Its authors in include Arthur C. Clarke, Jack Kerouac, Ray Bradbury, Greg Bear, Roger Zelazny and Loren Estleman. Its graphic novel line began in March 2003 with VIETNAM JOURNAL by Don Lomax, edited by Dwight Zimmerman, which as picked by Entertainment Weekly as "a graphic novel you should own" and by the Military History Book Club. Its editor-in-chief is Steven A. Roman, editor of The Chaos Engine trilogy. Promotions, sample pages and ebooks versions of the titles will be featured on komikwerks.com.

About Komikwerks

Founded in 2000 by Patrick Coyle and Shannon Denton, Komikwerks is a comic publisher dedicated to publishing high-quality, professional level, creator-owned comics through digital and traditional distribution methods. Komikwerks.com launched in March of 2001, and has been name a Sci Fi Channel "Cool Site". Contributors to the Komikwerks site include comic industry veterans from major print publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse. Komikwerks' third comics anthology, "Nuts and Bolts", is in stores now.

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