Stan Lee teaches cameo school in hilarious Audi TV spot

"I didn't get to be the world's greatest cameo actor overnight," Stan Lee explains. "It took years of hard work."

And in this new comedy short from Audi, the legendary comics creator turned master of cameo acting passes his knowledge of a new generation, which includes Michael Rooker, Kevin Smith, Tara Reid and Jason Mewes.

It turns out there's a difference between "cameo acting" and "regular acting," which Lee illustrates using a military hat and Thor's helmet. If you're still not clear, witness him berate a student in a shoddy for Captain America costume for "acting-acting."

A tie-in to Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, the ad was directed by Smith (it's the spot he was working last month when he released the first photo teasing Mallrats 2).

Check out the commercial below, and watch for the Lou Ferrigno cameo and nod to the Incredible Hulk television series.

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