Stan Lee Teases 'Big Surprise' On the Way

Stan Lee

Comics legend Stan Lee is now teasing a "big surprise" for fans, which he says he'll reveal in the very near future.

The teaser for Lee's announcement comes from a post on the former writer/editor's official Twitter account. Lee posted a video message, thanking fans for their outpouring of support in the wake of an incident last week in which the 93-year-old entertainment icon was threatened by two gunmen outside his Lose Angeles home.

In the video, which you can watch below, Lee thanks his fans "for caring, and for writing in, and for making my day so joyous."

With regard to the surprise, Lee teased, "I can't tell 'em what it is now 'cause it wouldn't be a surprise," however we can't help but assume it's an announcement pertaining to the Marvel Universe in some way, considering the legend's long history with the company. But who knows!

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Lee has been in the news consistently for the past few months for a number of reasons. Last month, it was reported that Lee is suing his former company POW! Entertainment for $1 billion on the basis that his partners either tricked him into signing over exclusive rights to his name and likeness, or outright forged his signature. In April, amidst claims that he was subject to elder abuse, Lee posted a fiery video in which he threatened to “sue the ass off” those who claimed he’s been the target of elder abuse from his daughter. Police were also called to his home in April after an intruder jumped a fence and tried to force his way inside.

In February, the 95-year old Lee was rushed to hospital following a major health scare, though he was released the following day. He’s also been the subject of sexual misconduct claims from home care nurses who had previously been employed at his home and a Chicago masseuse. His blood was reportedly stolen and used to sign comics by a former business associate, too.

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