Stan Lee responds to David Goyer's She-Hulk remarks

Stan Lee scoffs at screenwriter David S. Goyer's suggestion that She-Hulk was created as "a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could fuck," responding that, "Only a nut would even think of that.”

"Never for an instant did I want her as a love interest for Hulk,” Lee, who with artist John Buscema introduced She-Hulk in 1980 as Bruce Banner's cousin, told The Washington Post.

Goyer made the controversial comment on the latest episode of the Scriptnotes podcast during a game in which he and other screenwriters randomly drew the name of a superhero and were asked how they would handle that character in a contemporary adaptation. When the conversation turned to She-Hulk, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice writer floated his "theory" about the character's origins as "the extension of the male power fantasy."

"So the Hulk was this classic male power fantasy," Goyer said. "It’s like, most of the people reading comic books were these people like me who were just these little kids who were getting the shit beaten out of them every day — 'What if I became giant, and could clap my hands and create a sonic boom?' And so then they created She-Hulk, right? Who was still smart. So it was like, I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could fuck if you were Hulk, you know what I’m saying? … She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it’s like, if I’m going to be this geek that becomes the Hulk, then let’s create a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could fuck."

Unsurprisingly, Lee's recollection of She-Hulk's creation differs greatly from the scenario presented by Goyer. "I know I was looking for a new female superhero, and the idea of an intelligent Hulk-type grabbed me," he told The Post. (The generally accepted backstory has more to do with Marvel's concerns that CBS might create a spinoff of the live-action Incredible Hulk television series starring a female counterpart, a la Bionic Woman, giving the network ownership of the character.)

Current She-Hulk writer Charles Soule alluded to Goyer's comments -- and the subsequent Internet backlash -- last night on Twitter, saying, "Working on She-Hulk #8 today. Man, she's a great lady. [...] Don't spread the negative. If people are confused about a character's value, don't waste time hating them. Skip outrage, try outREACH."

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