Stan Lee Reiterates He's Only on Twitter, Other Social Media Has Been Hacked

Stan Lee

Comics legend Stan Lee has reiterated to fans that the only social media platform run by him is his Twitter account and that all others have been hacked. Lee tweeted out the reminder in a video after recently indicating that previous posts from the @TheRealStanLee Twitter account weren’t made by him, but by a third party.

In his latest video, his caption read: "[...] I am only on Twitter. No other social media. The rest like Facebook are hacked and people impersonating me. But I love Twitter," as he continued to tell fans how much he's enjoying their interactions. And in the video itself, he gave a reason as to why he chose this platform, revealing, "[...] I want you to remember all my messages are only on Twitter. Not on the other groups because I can only do so much. So I've chosen Twitter."

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Lee has been busy on the platform recently, even exchanging pleasantries with actor Tom Holland over his portrayal of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Outside of his social media activity, though, he has also been dealing with a $1 billion dollar lawsuit against his former entertainment company POW! Entertainment.

All of this drama comes in the wake of Lee’s denied allegations that he’s been the subject of the elder abuse. In a recent video, Lee threatened to sue those responsible for what he characterized as “slander.” Those abuse allegations were made against Lee’s daughter, J.C. Lee, with a notarized declaration by the 95-year-old comics creator that indicated three men, including his current primary caregiver Keya Morgan, had tried to take advantage of J.C. in an effort to gain control over Lee’s “assets, property and money.”

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