Stan Lee's POW! Bought by Chinese Entertainment Company

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Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment has been acquired by Camsing International Holding, a company based in Hong Kong, specializing in sports and entertainment marketing, licensing and merchandising. Camsing will now be able to use POW!'s intellectual property for all types of media such as movies, TV, live events, comics and more.

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According to Deadline, Camsing's goal is to create a Marvel-esque entertainment dynasty for the Asian market. Lee will still be able to retain his post within POW! as the Chief Creative Officer, but now Camsing's U.S. Vice President Shane Duffy will be promoted to POW! Entertainment CEO. Gill Champion will act as POW! Entertainment President.

"It'll be a true pleasure to bridge our full portfolio of marketing platforms, distribution channels and theme parks around Stan's endless list of unreleased IP laden entertainment properties," Duffy said in a statement. "We are excited that he has allowed us to participate in his next chapter and look forward to strengthening this already guru metal legacy."

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Both parties are describing the buy-out under different titles. While Lee is calling the agreement a "merger," Camsing is calling it an "acquisition." Regardless, the company, which has worked with big names like Disney, Blizzard, Hasbro, Warner Bros., and the NBA, is going to do its best to recreate the system Marvel has established in the U.S. overseas.

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