Stan Lee Homaged Before NFL Game by Falcons' Mohamed Sanu

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu paid tribute to Stan Lee with a special pair of cleats that he wore before the Falcons' game on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys in Atlanta.

The seven-year veteran featured a drawing of Lee on the cleats, along with spaghetti webbing like Lee's co-creation, Spider-Man, fires from his webshooters, all done in a white and red color scheme to match the Atlanta Falcons' team colors.

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Due to NFL restrictions, players cannot wear custom cleats during actual games (although the league has made an exception for 9/11 celebrations in the past), so players have to get around that restriction by only wearing their custom cleats in their practices on the field before the game begins. That is what Sanu did before the Falcons hosted the Cowboys on Sunday.

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This is not the first time that Sanu has expressed his comic book fandom with custom cleats. Back in 2015, Sanu (then with the Cincinnati Bengals) wore a pair of Joker-themed cleats, with one side of the shoe showing the Heath Ledger version of the Batman villain from The Dark Knight and the other side saying the Joker's catch phrase from the film, "Why so serious?". Sanu has also sported a pair of Dragon Ball Z cleats in the past.

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