Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Michael Chabon, Joe Quesada and six others show their support for the New York City Comic Book Museum

The New York City Comic Book Museum is proud to announce the creation of an honorary board of trustees. Ten of the biggest figures in the comic book world - legends if you will - have agreed to become a part of this esteemed body. The line-up includes: Neal Adams, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Chabon, Neil Gaiman, Carmine Infantino, Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, Trina Robbins, Kevin Smith, and Matt Wagner! From Pulitzer-prize winners to one of the most popular and successful woman in the industry, this list has them all.

"We are very fortunate to have the support of such distinguished and talented individuals in the comic book industry," said Executive Director and Founder David Jay Gabriel. "It just goes to show that the industry wants to see a comic book museum in New York City as much as we do." Over the past three years the NYCCBM has come to be recognized as a leading force both inside and outside the comic book industry: for its award-winning Comic Books and AIDS documentary and exhibition; for the Comics Code and Free Speech televised panel discussion seen on PBS networks nationwide; and most recently for the highly publicized exhibition Heroes Among Us: The Artwork of 9-11, which embarks on a nationwide tour this fall. The NYCCBM is dedicated to engaging its audience and bringing the highest quality programs and activities to its members and friends.

Here is what some of the honored trustees had to say about the New York City Comic Book Museum:

"With each passing day people are realizing, more and more, what a major, integral part of Americana comicbooks truly are. It's also becoming increasingly obvious that comicbooks represent one of the most popular literary and art forms of our time and, as such, the importance of a museum to house these cultural treasures cannot be overstated," said Stan Lee, Chairman Emeritus, Marvel Comics.

"I encourage all of you to support the museum and our art form in as many ways as possible," Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics.

"These people are quite sincere. They actually believe that what we do is art and even perhaps…important…and that our original work should be seen. I freely admit, they've turned my head. ," Neal Adams, artist of Batman, X-Men, and countless others.

"I fully believe in the goals and aspirations of this organization and their beliefs in the future, and the preservation of the past, of our glorious medium," Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers.

"While there are other museums that honor and celebrate the cartoonist's art, the NYCCBM is the first I know of that seeks to spotlight the unique contribution of comic books to the world of popular culture…the NYCCBM seems like a natural venue to honor this vital and powerful art form--the birthplace of the comic book itself," Matt Wagner, creator of Grendel and Mage.

"…I wish you walls!" Trina Robbins, author of the Great Women Cartoonists, co-creator of Go Girl!.

The New York City Comic Book Museum started its mission in 1999 to preserve the historical and artistic legacy of comic book culture, place it in the context of a changing society, show its usefulness in educating and entertaining, and instill in audiences the value and joy of this rich American heritage. It is the nation's only museum dedicated to the art of the comic book. The NYCCBM has concentrated on its outreach programs with traveling exhibits, industry gatherings, panel discussions, virtual exhibits and comic book promotions all around the city and the country. The museum is searching for its permanent home to serve as a research facility, library, and showcase for comic books and the creators of this American art form.

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