Stan Lee Hasn't Seen "Fantastic Four," Teases "Important" "X-Men: Apocalypse" Cameo

In a new interview, Stan Lee spoke with Larry King about his future Marvel movie projects, and cops to not having seen Fox's ill-fated "Fantastic Four" reboot.

Appearing on King's ora.tv show, the comic book living legend not only told the interviewer that he's already filmed his cameo for Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Apocalypse," he says he filmed it with a super-secret guest star he described as being very important to him on a personal level. Calling it his favorite cameo ever, Lee says he can't reveal his co-star's identity because "it'd become the biggest talking point throughout the country," overshadowing the rest of the film.

Leealso jokingly explained that Fox's "Fantastic Four" probably performed so poorly because he wasn't given a cameo in it, leading King to describe the film as one that "didn't do great and got a couple of bad reviews." After saying that "they didn't discuss the story" with him, Lee revealed that he hasn't even seen the reboot before jokingly deflecting King's question as to why.

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