Stan Lee Featured In Honda CR-V Super Bowl Spot


Super Bowl LI is this Sunday, and as the sports world counts the ticks 'til kickoff, fans of the expensive commercials are getting an early peek at a select few. Thus far, spots have featured action stars and robots, among other goodies, and now Honda debuts their entry -- and it's a doozy. The spot challenges viewers to get off their feet, while still keeping their head in the clouds, encouraging people to never give up on their dreams.

Honda brought in a lot of big guns for their commercial, using the voices of Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Steve Carell, and many others. They also brought in the most famous non-fictional character in the Marvel Universe: Stan Lee.

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Resembling a yearbook from Hogwarts, Honda's clever commercial uses high-tech animation with low-tech photography to send a positive message. Each actor gets a moment to encourage the viewer to work towards their goal, no matter what. It also allows the actors to poke fun at their high-school photos, whether it's Amy Adams' hairdo or Jimmy Kimmel's unfortunate tuxedo.

No stranger to acting, Stan Lee's yearbook page is full of doodles, motion lines and onomatopoeia. As one of the architects upon which the modern Marvel Universe is built, Lee lets you know that if you have a universe in your head, keep dreaming and start creating.

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The estimated amount for a Super Bowl commercial this year is $5 million for 30 seconds, not counting production costs. Last year's Super Bowl reached an estimated 114 million Americans, making a $10 million-plus price tag worth the cost to Honda. While they're hoping to sell a lot CR-Vs, they're also reminding the younger generations that your fashion choices now may not be as cool a couple decades later...

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