Stan Lee demands Olympic pole dancing

Despite recent setbacks with a pacemaker implant and a bout of flu, 90-year-old Stan Lee appears as spry, and sly, as ever. For proof, you need look no further than his most recent "Stan's Rant," recorded following the news that wrestling is being dropped from the Olympics. In response, Lee demands that pole dancing be added to the Games.

"They have everything else, all sorts of gymnastics," he says. "Dancing around that pole and hugging it and swinging on it and doing all of those things -- that's like the sexiest gymnastics of all. We love it, everybody loves it! Get with it, Olympics Committee!" He doesn't specify, so we'll presume this Olympics discipline would be for women and men; it's only fair.

(Aside #1: If Lee saying "pole dancing" doesn't make its way into at least one remix, somebody isn't doing his job. Aside #2: While Googling to figure out whether "pole dancing" is hyphenated -- I swear! -- I discovered there's a U.S. Pole Dance Federation. Really. Aside #3: Robot 6 now has a pole dancing tag.)

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