Stan Lee Bringing Chinese/Indian Monkey Warrior Myth to the Big Screen

Stan Lee is no stranger to re-imagining works and putting his spin on well-established myths and folklore. Many of his creations draw their inspiration from the stories and common themes that have existed throughout history. For his latest tale, he's working on adapting the various "monkey warrior" myths from Chinese and Indian culture for the big screen, with some assistance from Sharad Devarajan of Graphic India.

According to Variety, this new venture will see POW! Entertainment, Lee's media outfit, joining forces with Devarajan's company Graphic India, Chinese filmmakers Shinework Pictures, and Indian investment company Cinema Capital Advisory. The film, "Monkey Master," will lift from legends popular in both China and India, transposing them into a more contemporary superhero setting. Lee indicated that his interest in Eastern culture is what prompted him to take on this latest endeavor.

"I have always been fascinated by the Chinese and Indian cultures which are so philosophical and rich in tradition and morality," Lee commented. "'Monkey Master' will be unique in how it interweaves Chinese and Indian myth to create a hero that will entertain fans across the world with his martial arts skills and unstoppable superpowers."

No cast or director have been assigned to the project yet, but the production team is ready to hit the ground running. It includes Gill Champion, CEO of POW! Entertainment; Jonathan Shen, Iris Wang, and Daljit DJ Parmar from Shinework; Samir Gupta from Cinema Capital Advisory; along with Stan Lee and Sharad Devarajan. They hope to "fast track" development and get the film into production by the latter part of 2017. The producers seem confident about the effort and honored to be working with Stan Lee. Shen revealed that the team is "excited to leverage Stan Lee’s experience" and that they are hopeful that they will create a solid film with mass appeal in multiple markets.

"Monkey Master" will be the second collaboration between Devarajan and Lee. Back in 2013, the two teamed up on the animated film "Chakra The Invincible."

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