Stan Goldberg 'had a joy for comics and cartooning that was infectious'

As Comic Book Resources reported Monday, longtime Marvel colorist and Archie Comics artist Stan Goldberg passed away Sunday at age 82 following a recent stroke. The obituary recounts much of his lengthy and prolific career -- it spanned six decades, from the Golden Age of comics to the birth of the Marvel Age to the wedding of Archie Andrews -- so we won't recount the details here.

Instead, we've rounded up statements about Goldberg, his impact and his influence, from Marvel, Archie Comics, the National Cartoonists Society and more:

"No less than Stan Lee, Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko, Stan Goldberg was one of the pioneers of the Marvel Age of Comics. As Marvel’s one-man coloring department, it was Stan G who determined that Iron Man would be red and gold, that the Thing would be orange, and that Spider-Man would be red and blue-black. He was also a talented cartoonist specializing in teen humor strips such as Millie the Model and Kathy the Teen-Age Tornado, which led him to become one of the mainstays of the Archie Comics line for decades. Stan was a gregarious and upbeat individual who was always a pleasure to work with."

-- Tom Brevoort, Marvel's executive editor and senior vice president of publishing, in a statement to ROBOT 6

"Stan was a pro, and he really helped define these characters while he was here, from his earliest work to the hit Archie Wedding story five years ago. He was one of our go-to guy for decades. That's nearly unheard of in comics, and Stan made it look easy. He will be missed by the entire comic book industry."

-- Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick, in a statement on the publisher's Facebook page

"Stan was such an easy person to talk to. Soft spoken, he had so many stories of the old days in the Marvel bullpen, his time with Archie and the people he’d met and worked with you could completely lose track of time listening … yet at no time did you ever get the feeling any of the things he said were about himself. He had a joy for comics and cartooning that was infectious."

-- National Cartoonists Society President Tom Richmond

"Stan was a cartoonist for most of his life and a more devoted one, you could never find. He was also a charming man who was always willing to talk about his days as Marvel's star colorist or the many decades he spent drawing Archie and other comics in much the same style. The number of pages he produced in his lifetime was staggering."

-- writer and comics historian Mark Evanier

"Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him will tell you that Stan Goldberg was one of the nicest and most professional men in comics. For more than 50 years, he was rightfully respected for his breezy and amusing cartooning style but he was also highly revered as one of the great colorists of the Silver Age."

-- Craig Yoe, editor of IDW Publishing's Yoe Books imprint, and blogger Steve Thompson, writing at 13th Dimension

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